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Your pets are practically a member of your family. So when it is time to take them to the veterinarian, ensure they receive the best care possible. Call Dr. Richard H. Coburn today and trust in over 50 years of dedicated experience!

As a pet owner, you understand how quickly accidents can happen! That's why Montague Veterinary Hospital is here for you.

A graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University, Dr. Coburn has worked for decades helping animals live long, healthy lives.  


- Over 50 years of veterinary experience

- Owner of Montague Veterinary Hospital

- Member of the Metropolitan NJ Veterinary

  Medical Association

After Dr. Coburn earned his undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degrees from Cornell University, he worked for 10 years at a large practice before starting Montague Veterinary Hospital.


For more than 50 years, Dr. Coburn has passed his love for animals to his children, grandchildren, and the entire community.

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Dr. Richard H. Coburn

A family of animal lovers

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